A recently defected Vegabond from the Obverse, Hyla has spent her whole life in a small fungal colony on Mars. She's left her old life in search of adventure, but hasn't planned things out very well.
A celebrity from the Obverse, Trype's mutant body was seen as beautiful, but heavily handicapped her. She solved her issues with technology, but this enraged her fans and forced her into exile.
Previously a factory worker in the Inverse, CIN sacrificed his body to perform better as an employee. He has since lived to regret this and has joined the Vegabonds to salvage whatever humanity he has left.
A flesh mechanic that runs a Vitanode outside of Sargasso Station. Luro mostly provides cosmetic surgeries to aliens hoping to better fit in among humans, but they also enjoy assisting new recruits.
An aquatic Elium that runs a keycard kiosk outside of Sargasso Station. He suffers from extreme paranoia and is constantly concocting new ways to beef up the security in his tiny booth.
Vern is a Nycodent that enthusiastically manages the Obverse half of Sargasso Station. She spends most of her time educating Obverse converts and is an avid historian and archivist.
Vern is a robot that lazily manages the Inverse half of Sargasso Station. She was forced to leave the Inverse due to a defective battery that leaves her in a constant state of low energy.